Justin Caguiat The Fool | The Warehouse, Dallas

Justin Caguiat, Solar Anus, 2021. Distemper and oil on linen. Linen: 85 1/8 x 83 1/2 inches (216 x 212 cm). Framed: 88 5/8 x 87 1/2 inches (225.1 x 222.3 cm).

Justin Caguiat
The Fool

The Warehouse, Dallas
Jan 21 – Apr 2, 2022

The Warehouse announces its inaugural Warehouse:01 exhibition The Fool, featuring seven large-scale paintings by Justin Caguiat. The Tokyo-born, New York- and Oakland-based artist makes work that is grounded in history yet feels uniquely informed by contemporary culture. Painting on large, unstretched sheets of canvas or linen, Caguiat’s fresco-like surfaces shift between abstract, organic, and representational imagery that conjures a liminal space that demands slow looking. As the viewer’s eye moves across the canvas and through layers of paint, figures slowly appear, and a strange, mystical expanse forms what critic Sophie Ruigrok described as “a primordial soup.” Caguiat is a published poet, and the influence of the veiled, symbolic potential of language can be felt in his work.

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