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Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream

September 5 – October 5, 2013

Greene Naftali is pleased to present Some Dreamers of the Golden Dream.  The exhibition takes its title from Joan Didion’s 1966 essay about double-indemnity in the San Bernadino Valley, the “last stop for all those who came from somewhere else.”  


Works include the New York debut of Ed Ruscha’s Psycho Spaghetti Western series; paintings by West-Coast artist Alex Hubbard, sodden with color and hanging on the brink of collapse; the vast, eerily empty skyscapes of L.A.-based Alex Israel; conceptualist Julie Becker’s menacing interiors, rendered in unflinching, paranoid detail; a major new sculpture by Rachel Harrison, which conjures at once a prehistoric American past and a deserted American future; and the gallery’s first collaboration with Lutz Bacher, which coincides with the artist’s moving – after four decades – away from California. 


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