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Gedi Sibony, There are Birds in the Galaxies, 2019, Oil and latex on found oil painting, 18 x 24 inches (45.7 x 61 cm)

“The objects circulate in long, drawn-out orbits over short distances. I set up a large amount of situations that don’t amount to anything. So I leave these like the opposite of traps, trying to create something else inside the exact same space, so the sequence of prepared, inverted traps can become unset.”

– Gedi Sibony

I Was Like Wait stages a series of encounters, expansive and confounding. The works on view draw on items salvaged and saved, worked and reworked, over the past twenty years of Sibony’s practice. Paintings—some layered atop found canvases, some on new ones—depict bright vessels that orbit a void, and reconfigured objects constellate across the charged expanse of a room that holds them. Wires that function to tether fragments to architecture are also a means to draw in space; a spectral column mirrors a studio support, loosed from the task of enforcement. Such doublings recur within works and between them, extending the reach and resonance of a given object.


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