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Blake Rayne

October 20 – November 18, 2000

The Winter Line


     Greene Naftali will present o series of new paintings by Blake Rayne for the artist’s third solo show in New York. Rayne has been working on o project titled Three of the Four Seasons, which is composed of o series of exhibitions corresponding to one of the three seasons: Summer, Fall or Winter. This exhibition, titled The Winter Line, is the fourth installment in the series and follows Winter Interior and the two Autumnal projects, Fall Bouquet and Autumn Drive, which inaugurated the series at Greene Naftali Gallery in the fall of 1998.


     The Winter Line consists of three series of paintings each of which was conceived of and developed independently. Although the iconography in Rayne’s The Winter Line, has a relationship to images of the winter landscape, the paintings focus more on their methods of production. Specifically they emphasize the woy they recombine and generate each other, rather than their pointing to an external reference. The three series are: "Snowblind", silkscreen wallpaper installation, eight 32 x 40" paintings titled "Sixteen" and two 72 x 84" that are Untitled. The paintings titled “Sixteen" render each of the possible combinations of two different source images-a background image of a snowfield, and the foreground picture of winter tree branches. Each of the series then are seen as different possibilities of painting.


     Rayne has exhibited his work in New York and Europe and this is his third solo show at Greene Naftali. His paintings have been shown in New York at Thread Waxing Space in Foul Play and in Painting Now and Forever, Part 1 exhibition at Matthew Marks and Pat Hearn. Rayne's work was included in the I love New York; Crossover: Contemporary Art at the Ludwig Museum, Cologne, and he recently had o solo show at Johnen + Schottle Galley. His work was included in 3ness at the Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens, Belgium, curated by Dike Blair, Jim Dams & Edith Doove and in Malerei at INIT, Berlin.


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