Screening: Harun Farocki at Swiss Institute


February 2, 2019

OFFSHORE IN NEW YORK | With Irena Haiduk, Joshua Simon and a film by Harun Farocki | ON STILL LIFE


Saturday, February 2


OFFSHORE IN NEW YORK’s fifth event, ON STILL LIFE, investigates pickling, history, still life and death drives. The study day will feature a screening, two orations and an interrogative lecture that looks into the act of arranging and preserving items for consumption. This is a presentation on how some artworks are dead and some just play dead. 

4PM:  Screening of Harun Farocki’s Still Life (1997)

5PM: Two orations by Irena Haiduk | Say Camera (10 min) and Studio Feelings (30 min)

6PM: Playing to Lose: Irena Haiduk and Daniil Kharms talking to parts of Joshua Simon

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